More Words, Less Code

Uploading files over the web

system design

Uploading files over web is not an easy task. It involves considerable challenges in developing a solution that works for all file sizes.


Custom Events with RxJS

rxjs javascript

Building up Publisher-subscriber event model on top of RxJS.


Level 0 - Coding Standard with EditorConfig

Editor Config, an INI format based configuration system that let you establish project level coding standard; It allows configuring: indentation style, indentation size, line width and more


Springboot Config Documentation, Two Ways With IntelliJ IDEA

spring boot java

It explores Spring Boot Yaml Configuration Documentation options with #IntelliJIdea


Inheritance vs Composition

Tools of Object Oriented Programming

Composition and Inheritance are the base of an application structure. It is imperative to know when to use which one.


No more fear of Pointers

c c++

A Pointer is a variable, points to another variable or function; it facilitates indirect access to the variable or function.

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Meet JShell

Java Fiddler


Jshell is a new tool in Java ecosystem to quickly play or experiment with Java code.


4+1 Software Design models

Software Design Information Framework

Philippe Kruchten defined a model named 4+1 views model; it is a set of views, to express the software design efficiently.

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Squashing Git Commit


Rebase command that enables you to clean up the frequents commits by offering to squash.


Library - Framework and Toolkit

Shareable code aspects

Code is distributed/shared as Libraries. Framework and Toolkit are aspects of Libraries. Framework enforces to write code in term of its elements. Toolkit is just a set of functions.


Communication Through Code

Programmer's language

code quality

The way we code becomes a deciding factor in the efficiency of team communication.

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Change Ripple Changes

The software development is also about the process and people around it. The change in one aspect ripple changes in other aspects.

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