A calculator for everyday


Numerato, a calculator provides a new experience of everyday arithmetic calculations. It is useful for applications involving a series of entries:

  • counting Cash Bundles
  • counting Item Bundles
  • churning Attendance Sheet
  • churning Financial statements

It is a simple yet powerful calculator that keeps all counting upfront. Thus it assists in reducing the errors in calculations involving multiple entries and repeated numbers. Your imagination limits its true application.

You can customize controls. The application is available in the dark mode as well as in light mode.


You must agree to the following terms for using this application (Numerato):

  • This application is available "as-is" to use (WITHOUT ANY KIND OF WARRANTY).
  • The authors of "Numerato" are not Responsible for any kind of loss or damage incurred directly or indirectly linked to usage of application.


You can reach out to dm8typrogrammer @gmail for any questions related to this app. We are open to any suggestion or feeback; however, we keep the right to serve.

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